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Hello, we're the time voyagers, we come from different times and places but we all united to create this blog. Oh and if you're worried about the fact that we could be kept ostage by our english teacher, don't worry, we're all fine... exept the web dev who's forced to write this paragraph with a gun pointed at his head.
Illustration of a Time Machine made by Midjourney

Illustration by Midjourney

Meet the team!

Illustration of Simon R. - fantomitechno
Simon R. - fantomitechno

I'm a french student at Polytech Nantes, I'm 19 years old. I developped this blog for my english class. I'm a big fan of Doctor Who, Back to The Future and a Minecraft player.

Illustration of Bunbun

Howdy there. As well as my peers, I'm a student at Polytech Nantes. My primary interests revolve around video games-I'm-quickly-obsessed-with, nuggies, overcramming, and Reddit4thememz.

Illustration of Pizza boy
Pizza boy

I'm a 18 years old french and student at an engineering school. Did you know they used to call me the Pizza Boy back in high-school ?

Illustration of Pixtris

I'm a lonely whale traveling through the timeline and the world.