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Faruzan and the fresh start to the future

Time travelling ruins

#Genshin Impact #video game

— Aug 27, 2490 by Pixtris — 2 min read

Doctor Who + Electrical Bass = Paradox

A writing test that was formed as a blog post

#paradoxes #Doctor Who #serie

— Apr 14, 2023 by Pixtris — 1 min read

Ravelling time against the Doctor

Second part about the mad man in a box

#Doctor Who #serie

— Feb 18, 2023 by Simon R. - fantomitechno — 4 min read

Doctor Who... more Doctor When?

A story about a time traveller who travels through time and space in a blue box... Spot-on series for our theme.

#TARDIS #time machines #Doctor Who #serie

— Feb 10, 2023 by Simon R. - fantomitechno — 7 min read

Traveling through time to solve a mistery

When Professor Layton tries to be Marty McFly

#Layton #time machines #video game

— Nov 27, 2008 by Pizza boy — 9 min read

That I kicketh the bucket, if't be true I falter

Two knights visiting the futur

#Les visiteurs #movie

— Feb 27, 1996 by Pixtris — 2 min read

Watching the past

Yo-kai Watch: A Nathan to the past

#Yo-kai Watch #video game

— Apr 1, 1976 by Pixtris — 2 min read

This is the choice of Steins;Gate

Hey mister, I am mad scientist. It's SO COOOOOL!!! Sonovabitch. -Okabe

#Steins;Gate #theory #video game

— Dec 10, 1932 by Bunbun — 6 min read