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Apr 14, 2023 ~ 1 min read

Doctor Who + Electrical Bass = Paradox

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This is an off serie post so don’t consider it as part of the serie.
Every parentheses represent my professor’s comments

Welcome to my third and last part of this series of posts about Doctor Who.

Today, we’ll speak about paradoxes, espeially the “Bootstrap paradox” presented in the episode named “Before the flood”, the second half of the “Under the lake” two-parters.

I’m very sorry for those who haven’t watched it yet but I’m going to spoil… a lot.
(ouch! I’ve only seen a few episodes)

The first half of the two-parters takes place in a scientific station under a lake on Earth at an unknown date. The place is haunted by some sort of ghost and the Doctor, wanting to investigate, rewound time to try finding the truth about these creatures. The first part cuts just as we see the Doctor’s ghost apearing in the present.

With a brutal stop like that we need answers and quick.

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