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Aug 27, 2490 ~ 2 min read

Faruzan and the fresh start to the future

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Faruzan in game
Faruzan in game

This is a little article to talk about a character from Genshin Impact.
But we won’t focus on the game’s plot, because up to now, there’s not a lot of time traveling dynamics, just some flashback or dream. We’ll just zoom on a character’s story, which can raise questions about time traveling and its consequences.

So, this is the story of Faruzan, a scholar in mechanic and linguistics at the academy of Sumeru.
One day, while she was exploring an old ruin, she suddenly got trapped.
However, she managed to escape after… one century.
After this event, she returns to the academy being as young as before.
Despite this time traveling, she tries to adapt to this new era and catch up with scientist innovations.

The ruins where talking about
The ruins where talking about

I like this story because it’s no ordinary time traveling dynamic ; The ruins catch her in a strange temporal space. Indeed, Faruzan doesn’t really go in the future. She spent a century in the ruins, yet she feels like no time passed (that’s why she seems to don’t age).

The story therefore brings this question ; How would I feel if I did jump a century ahead ?

Then it would mean to begin a life anew, in a new world with new people, cultures, technologies, that I don’t know. But there will be some elements of the past that can serve me as reference, like the landmarks.
So I’ll live with the depressing feeling that everything in my temporal era is extinct and I have to keep going and start over in this unknown and unfamiliar world.

And you ? How would you react ? Share us your point of view in the comment !

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