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Feb 18, 2023 ~ 4 min read

Ravelling time against the Doctor

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Welcome back! So in my last post (go check it out if you haven’t already), we presented Doctor Who and the T.A.R.D.I.S.
Now we’re going for a larger subject: every other time traveller and traveling methods.

Meet the Time Ravellers


We’re gonna start with the most important species of this series: the Daleks!
They are creatures created by Davros.

Davros the chief and creator of the Daleks. Source: The Doctor Who fandom (french version)

They are mutants engineered from the DNA of their creator and encased in an powerful armor. They come from the planet Skaro and are very very VERY destructive, they are programmed to kill every living that is not a Dalek.

Some Daleks and the Eleventh Doctor. Source: The Doctor Who fandom (english version)

These metal warriors were stopped by the Doctor multiple times and they became their top wanted. They developed time travel in consequence, to be able to fight back (side note: at this time, the Time Lords specie was controlling time traveling technology and they let the Daleks create their own… WHY WOULD YOU ALLOW MURDERERS TO HAVE THAT POWER?).
So with the ability to time travel, the Daleks traveled to multiple time periods throughout human History: for example, they can be found during World War Two in the Churchill’s nazi resistance as “ironsides”, man-made superweapons (as you probably guess, ending WWII wasn’t their plan, they were just sneaking on Earth to destroy it) and that was only one occurence.

The Cybermen

Cybermen are, as their name implies, “upgraded” humans with the goal to transform other humans in cybermen.

The Cybermen, the most powerful race in the universe. Source: The Doctor Who fandom (english version)

I will only focus on their appearance in the Modern Who as I’m not enough aware on how the Old Who worked.
The first episode of the Cybermen introduces the principle of multiple dimensions in the show. The Doctor traveled to an alternative dimension by error and encountered them. Yes, the Cybermen travel through time, but here we’ll be more interested with the fact that they were in another dimension as we don’t know a lot about the “Cybers”’ technology. Dimensions and time travel are linked: in the show, it’s implied that a timeline is a dimension. To “create” a new dimension, you just have to change fixed points in time, for example, the Vesuve’s eruption is one of them to get to our dimension.

The Master

The Daleks and the Cybermen aren’t the strongest Doctor’s enemies, a Time Lord’s worst enemy (or best friend… depending on where on the timeline you’re looking) can only be another Time Lord.

The Master in one of my favorite incarnation, Missy by Michelle Gomez. Source: The Doctor Who fandom (english version)

As the Doctor destroyed Gallifrey, their planet of origin (long story short: it was Gallifrey or the universe), they’re supposed to be the only Time Lord left but one of their archnemesis survived by hiding themself at the end of time.
As a Time Lord, they sure have a TARDIS to travel in time and annoy the Doctor but it was only seen in the classic series. My personnal thought about this is that their TARDIS was destroyed with Gallifrey. (Edit: I just finished the last episode available in France and apparently the Master’s TARDIS wasn’t stuck on Gallifrey, they used it for a bit but I can’t find where it is now) Now they continue to travel through time using a Vortex Manipulator, a portable time travel method created by the Time Agency in the 51st century.

Thank you for reading my second part on Doctor Who

The third part should come out some weeks later, but as I’m busy right now, it will take some time and probably won’t be out when this blog will be presented 😕

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