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Feb 27, 1996 ~ 2 min read

That I kicketh the bucket, if't be true I falter

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“Les visiteurs” is a french movie - released in 1993 by Jean-Marie Poiré. This film talks about the count Godefroy and his servant Jacquouille who travel through the time to save Godefroy’s father-in-law.
But actually, the duke de Pouilles - a.k.a. Godefroy’s fater-in law - was accidentally killed by the latter to save his wedding with Frénégonde de Pouilles.

The duke de Pouilles
The duke de Pouilles as presented in the movie

To travel through time and repair his fault, Godefroy and Jacquouillle drink a strange potion prepared by the mage Eusaebius and then disappear after the sorcerer pronounce an incantation. After being transformed in crystal for one and mud (??? i hope) for the other, instead of arriving at some hours before the accident, which is their initial goal, they are sent at the end of the 20th century due to an error in the magician’s recipe.

In the future by a twist of fate, Godefroy and Jacquouille encounter their offspring; Godefroy find his descendant, Béatrice of Montmirail, who accommodates them and Jacquouillle find that his descendant Jacques-Henri Jacquart, did buy Godefroy’s castle.

That’s “Les visiteurs” in a nutshell.

Time travel is treated roughly in this movie. Like this, I think the way to travel through time in the movie is a little bit simple and very dangerous, as you only need to drink a potion that the recipe determines; Anyone could get hold of the recipe which implies time’s integrity and continuity could get screwed.

Moreover, there is some temporal paradox that i spotted; like at the end of this movie when Godefroy comes back in his era but Jacquouille exchanges his place with his descendant Jacquart, thus creating a great discrepency, at the edge of the grandfather paradox. Plus, if you conceive time as linear, the protagonists can theorically jump into a “nonexistent era” as the timeline isn’t already created. (But some conception of time like some elements of the parallel world theory could resolve it)

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