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Apr 1, 1976 ~ 2 min read

Watching the past

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The video game Yo-kai Watch was released in 2013 in Japan and in 2015 in the United-States.

The two first video-games take place in Springdale, a fictional Japan town. We follow Nathan’s story, or Katie’s story (depending on the gender chosen by the player). The story begins with the protagonist catching bugs in Mont WildWool when he finds a sort of ball dispenser (The Crank-a-kai). He activates it, gets a ball and opens it, and out of it jumps a Yokai, a ghost, called Whisper, who gives him a watch that allows him to see the different Yokai, the Yokai Watch.

For the time traveling, we are gonna talk about the second video-game, Yo-kai Watch 2.
The story takes place after the events of the first game, when the Yokai watch of the protagonist disappears, taken by 2 Yokai and he forgets his adventure and the yokai.
So he begins another adventure just like in the first game, gets his memories back and finds his first yokai friends Whisper and Jibanyan. However in this game, he finds a yokai that can travel through time, with a temporal stone. He goes back 60 years in the past to fight the Wicked yokai and the 2 yokai encountered at the beginning of this game, Kin and Gin.
To summarize, Nathan meets his grandfather in the past and helps him to fight different yokai who want to control the world by rewriting the timeline.

So, in Yo-kai Watch 2, time traveling is an important element of the video game. The protagonist frequently goes back to the past with the temporal stone and therefore makes some modification of the present, and that leads to multiple time paradoxes in the story. Moreover, in the game, he can summon Yokai of the past in the present with his Yokai Watch. So a yokai can be present in two places at the same time.

To conclude, there are two temporal spaces in this video game with the present and the past that seem to be linked with some events of the present being disrupted by the past and vice versa.

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